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Our premium bathroom wetwall panels provide a fantastic alternative to the more standard tiling you might see in a bathroom at a significantly reduced cost. The aesthetic qualities that wetwall panels add to your bathroom can truly add a dimension of luxury and elegance that you normally wouldn't be able to accomplish with the more tradition tiling materials. Besides looking great in bathrooms, wetwall panels can also be used in changing rooms, wet rooms, and many other locales in order to add that extra sense of luxury and refinement.

Wetwall Sizes

Our wetwall panels come in many different shapes and sizes, including square edged and tongue and groove edged. Our square edged wetwall panels have the following specifications and measurements:

* Length: 2400mm
* Width: 900mm or 1200mm
* Thickness: 11mm

Our tongue and groove edged wetwall panels have the following measurements:

* Length: 2400mm
* Width: 585mm
* Thickness: 11mm

Wetwall Panel Colours

Our premium wetwall panels come in a host of different colours in order to perfectly match the room. We offer four styles: Boutique, Classic, Gloss and Italian. Each of these elegant styles has its own range of colours, as we have listed below:

* Boutique: Black Pixel, Black Swirl, Blue Swirl, Hazel Linen, Opulence, White Pixel, and Willow White.
* Classic: Galaxy Black, Galaxy White, Natural Pearl, Sandstone, Travertine, White Frost, and White Gloss. Our Classic styles also include marble types: Arctic Marble, Cararra Marble, Caspian Marble, Med Marble, Midnight Marble.
* Gloss: This is our most popular style and includes Black, Fuchsia, Lime, Red, and Purple.
* Italian: Gloss, Sicilian Natural Slate, Byzantine Marble, Turino Marble, Copper Sky, Levanto, Ponente Sand, and Rossano Sand.

Bathroom Panel Accessories

Our ceiling panels and bathroom flooring products make a great combination with these wetwall panels. We also offer a wide variety of accessories, including adhesives, wet seals, bottom profiles, end caps, external corners, and internal corner profiles.

Overview of Wet Wall Installation

Please get in touch with us if you require any assistance with installing your bathroom wetwall panels. Here are a few tips for when you are installing them:

* When you are cutting wetwall panels for installation with a hacksaw, ensure its decorative side is facing upwards.
* If you are using power tools, ensure that the decorative face of the tools are facing downwards. This will ensure that you do not burn yourself.
* When you are cutting holes for the pipes and fittings, you must use a 3mm clearance. You can then fill the resulting gap with a silicone based sealant. If you install the panels without a wetseal, you must leave a 4mm space between the bath or shower tray and fill it with a silicone based sealant.

Panel Cleaning Instructions

To keep your new wetwall panels in great shape, we advise that you clean them every so often. All you need to clean them is soap, water, and a smooth cloth (although we recommend a micro fibre one). Consistent cleaning of the wetwall panels will ensure that mould and other residue do not build up on them. You should never use acid based detergents or other chemical cleaners with our wetwall panels, as they could cause damage to them.