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Our Economy Bathroom Cladding Panels are made of the finest and most durable materials used in bathrooms. Compared to the regular wall surfaces used in most bathrooms, our bathroom wall panels are incredibly resistant to the growth of mould and moisture. Compared to tile or natural stone, they are also much easier to maintain and keep clean. But, perhaps the greatest advantage our bathroom wall panels have over the alternatives are their cost effectiveness and longevity. In fact, they are even guaranteed to be resistant to UV light damage for up to a decade. 

Bathroom Cladding Sizes

Our premium economy bathroom cladding panels will have a flush fit to any surface and are available in sizes 2700mm x 250mm and in thicknesses of 5mm and 8mm

Bathroom Cladding Colours

We offer a variety of colours that are guaranteed to be a perfect match for your bathroom. Whatever the design or colours used in your bathroom, we are bound to have at least one colour which perfectly goes with it. Here is the list:

* Sparkles (Black, White, Beige & Red)
* Marbles (Blue, Green, Grey, Silver, Pink and Beige)
* Chrome strips (Sparkles, Marbles and Plain)
* For the ceilings (Gloss White Plain, Gloss White 1 Strip and Gloss White 2 Strips)


How should I go about cleaning these bathroom wall panels?

It is a simple matter to keep your new bathroom wall panels clean: Use hot soapy water and a sponge or soft cloth to wipe the surfaces. IMPORTANT: Please avoid using harsh chemicals, solvents, or any other form of aggressive cleaning product. These solutions may cause singificant damage to your wall panels.

Installation Overview

Our bathroom panels have a very simple installation procedure. Naturally, installation begins with purchasing the panels that best fit your room in the colour and pattern you desire. You will want to ensure that you order the associated adhesive for the panels you choose; next, you will cut the panels to fit in the room. Once cut properly, you will use a low-tack masking tape for the remainder of the installation and remove it promptly once finished. If there are any seams near sinks, bath tubs, or showers, you can seal them with silicone or another material of your choosing in order to prevent any possible water leakage.

Delivery Options

After you place your order, please expect delivery of your purchased panels to take a few business days. Most of our items are also eligible for our UK wide free delivery programme. Please choose the economy wall cladding delivery option when going through the checkout process.

If you have any questions or comments about bathroom wall panel products, please do not hesitate to contact our excellent customer services department.