Mahogany Soffit


Our high quality

mahogany soffit boards

look great on the exterior of your property and do an excellent job of protecting your roof and the underlying fragile structures that would otherwise be exposed to the elements. These soffit boards are made of an industrial grade PVC material which is incredibly durable, cost effective, and flexible, thus making it a great material for soffit and fascia boards. Without a doubt, these fine

mahogany soffit boards

will look great on the exterior of your property while also giving it a nice aesthetic finish with their rich mahogany tones. 

Our PVC soffit boards come in three different variants: solid, vented, and hollowed. Sometimes, your particluar project site may require vented boards, which is why we offer them in a standard size profile of 9 mm thickness and 5 m lengths, along with your choice of width (typically between 100 mm and 400 mm). We look forward to helping you choose the absolute perfect soffit board setup for your project.