Mahogany Window Board & Sills


What do you imagine when you think of the word "mahogany?" Do you imagine fancy parlours filled with the scents of expensive cigars? Or, do you perhaps think of a verdant forest? These are just some of the thoughts and feelings evoked by the textures and colours of mahogany. With our

mahogany window sill

and board products, you can have these feelings and sensations created by one of the most important aspects of your home: your windows. These sills, however, are not made of easily-rotted, difficult to maintain, and expensive wood materials. Rather, they are made of high quality, industrial-grade PVC that can stand the test of time, thus giving you the visual impact and durability you desire in one simple to install package. 

We offer these fine window sills and boards in a standard size profile of 5 mt lengths with your choice of width between 150 mm and 400 mm. The inside drop of the sill is 25 mm. If you have any questions at all about this product or if you require additional guidance on choosing the best product for your project, don't hesitate to contact us!