Black Ash Shiplap Cladding



black ash shiplap cladding

products are a fantastic choice for your next cladding project.

PVC shiplap cladding

gives you an excellent way of adding an additional protective layer to the walls of your property or structure. There are a vast number of benefits to using PVC as opposed to more traditional timber materials, including the fact that PVC is far more resistant to damage from both physical phenomena as well as light discolouring, high temperatures, and other possible issues.That's why our customers love these shiplap cladding products, and in particular our black ash style and colour. These cladding products come in a thickness of 150mm and 5mt lengths. 


black ash shiplap external cladding panels

are an effective and cost efficient way of quickly securing the outside of your structure and protecting it from the elements. The black ash style looks great in all situations and adds a very striking aesthetic to your project. We are very happy to provide you with any technical, installation, or ordering support you may need on all of our external cladding products. Simply get in touch with our customer service department and we will be happy to help you.