Black Ash Soffit

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Soffit boards are used in conjunction with fascia boards to protect the roof of your property and prevent debris and elements from damaging the structure. These

black ash soffit boards

are made of high quality PVC, a material which is well known to be effective. With its extreme longevity, durability, strength, and cost effectiveness, PVC makes a great choice of material for soffit board projects. Plastic is not prone to the same issues to which more traditional materials are prone, including rotting and erosion due to the elements. That is why we select only the highest quality materials to offer to our valued customers.


black ash

finish on these soffit boards looks great in a variety of situations and is sure to add a striking visual appeal to your property. We offer a variety of versions of this product, including solid boards, vented boards, and more, including ancillary products to enable you to have a speedy installation. Our black ash soffit boards come in a standard size profile of 9mm thickness and 5 mt lengths.  We look forward to working with you on your next project!