Black Ash Window Board & Sills


One of the most integral and visually important elements of your window is the window sill. How are you to go about choosing the best window sill for your property? There are a few different things you ought to consider: colour, style, aesthetic appeal, material, durability, and more. Our

black ash window sill

and board products are sure to fit the bill and ensure you have a seamless and appealing window sill. Black ash is a striking, visually dramatic colour that is sure to add a layer of visual style to your project.

These window sills are made out of PVC - a durable, strong, and light weight plastic material that will last longer than traditional materials. It is cost effective, requires little maintenance, and

looks great with the black ash finish

we use on these sill products. These sills come in a standard size profile of 5 mt lengths with your choice of width between 150 mm and 400 mm. We know that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase of our

black ash window sill

and board products. Nevertheless, if you have any questions about ordering or the technical specifications of these sills, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy ot help!