Bronze Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

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bronze solid polycarbonate sheets

give you the absolute best in polycarbonate sheet technology on the market.

Polycarbonate panels

give you the durability, flexibility, and strength you need in exterior panels which are used for roofing and other applications. These panels are practically impervious to damage while being only half as heavy as normal glass. In spite of their light weight, polycarbonate panels are able to take a beating (major resistance to physical impact damage) while still having excellent clarity. Our customers have used our polycarbonate sheets in a variety of projects, including glazing, roofs, and skylights. 

With our

bronze solid polycarbonate sheets

, you have your choice of two different thickness levels: 4 mm and 5 mm. They come in a standard size of 3050 mm by 2050 mm, and we can cut them to size for you free of charge upon your request. Please note that the standard bronze sheet size cannot be sent by our standard courier, so if you do not plan to make use of our

complimentary cutting service

, please be advised that we will ship the full sized panels by an independent courier (for a nominally higher fee). Please contact us if you have any questions about these fine bronze polycarbonate sheets.