Cast Acrylic Sheet



cast acrylic sheets

are the best on the market. Acrylic sheeting provides a number of excellent advantages, including the ability to be weather proof, resistant to ultraviolet light, and to be far more durable and able to hold up against physical impact damage over more traditional materials. Our cast acrylic sheeting products also have very long lifespan, thus giving them the requisite longevity for the construction, display, and lighting industries. We have had many customers use our sheets for these exact purposes to great success (and inexpensive) success. 

Our customers have also used these

cast acrylic sheets

in greenhouse projects due to their durability, flexibility, and overall cost effectiveness. We offer these cast acrylic sheeting products in a variety of dimensions, including 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm thicknesses, and a sole sheet size of 3.05m x 2.05m. We gladly offer complimentary

cutting services on this product

line for your convenience, and we are also happy to provide additional tailored thickness levels at your request, though these may be subject to minimum volume requirements as determined on a case by case basis. Furthermore, our cast sheets come in a great variety of different colours, so you can choose the colour that best suits the project at hand.