Dry Verge

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Dry Verge

Dry verge

offer a huge variety of benefits compared to mortar and wet verges. Although mortar and wet verges are generally effective in ensuring that water does not leak through the structure and that pests are kept out, it also has serious problems with durability. While water will indeed be kept out, the mortar itself will begin to erode as a result of the exposure and its chemical composition. Mortar that has sufficiently deteriorated will naturally cause problems with water and damp damage. On top of that, mortar requires continuous and expensive maintenance, and deterioration will be a constant issue. 

The solution to the problems of mortar and wet verges is

dry verge


Dry verge caps

are made from industrial-grade plastic; a durable and long lasting material that is guaranteed to last for years. These caps fit over the edge of the tiles and thus prevent deterioration and other corrosion from occurring as a result of the exposure to water and the elements. Aside from being durable and long lasting,

dry verge

systems are affordable and very cost effective in the long term, thus making them superior to wet verge systems in almost every way. 


Our left and right dry verge caps are available in one standard size of 410mm x 170mm


Our dry verge caps are available in three elegant styles and colours: 

* Brown 
* Slate Grey
* and Terracotta

Associated Ancillaries

In addition to our universal dry verge caps, we also offer starter kits and end caps. The starter kit is available in all of the colours listed above and includes the two essential components. We also offer round ridged end caps and universal ride end caps in all colours.