Unboxing the window and fixing the brackets to the frame

Hi, I’m Chris from Duratech. I’m here today at JJ Roofing Supplies. We’re going to be fitting an M4A PVC window, a 78 x 98cm, as you can see here. So if you look at the box, you’ll see lower down what type of window it is, in this case being a PVC. Then this window being suitable for all roofing materials and between 15 and 90 degree pitch. Once you’ve opened the box, you’ll notice that the handle is preinstalled. The instructions are here just in the back and the box with the brackets and the fixings is fastened onto the bottom. So once you’ve totally unboxed the window, flip it over onto its side and we’re going to open it up. Once we’ve opened it up, we’ll be able to get at the hinges which will then allow us to take the window onto the frame. The pins are located just here and all you have to do is press down, one at the top as well and this will then allow us to release the frame.

Once you have opened your box of fixings, you’ll find four brackets, two packs of screws and a plastic packer. Next, you’re going to come up to the brackets. You want to make sure the edge of the bracket sits 10cm down from the edge of the frame. Then using the self tacking screws which are the small ones. Then repeat the process for the other three brackets: two on the bottom, two on the top.

Fitting the sash to the frame and checking it’s level

So the next thing you want to do is just bring the frame through. It’s got four brackets that we put on earlier and there is a small lip on each one. Use that lip just to rest the frame onto the baton. Be sure to leave a 40 to 60mm tolerance either side of the frame. So now that the frame is in the correct position, we can start to fix it using the brackets and the screws provided. Don’t quite wind these all the way in, as we will need to move the window around a little bit afterwards. Then repeat this for the other three brackets. Once you’re happy that the frame is plump and level, finish screwing off your brackets and then we can bring the sash through. Now, we’re just looking to guide the hinge into the frame. So then as you rotate the sash around, you’ll hear the hinges click. And that’s just them setting into place. Next, we just want to do the daylight test, so open it up, bring it back down slowly and then just check that the gap is consistent right the way along. Close the window back over and then just do the same again and just check that the gap is consistent up the side. So now that we’re happy everything is square and level, I’m just going to open this back up and spin it around. We pop the buttons on the hinges. We can then take this back out and put it somewhere safe.