Eaves Protector & Ventilation

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At Premium Plastics, we revel in finding innovative solutions to problems that no one else has on their radar. It is our job to save you hassle, time, and money, which is why we offer two extremely important products:

Eaves protectors

and bird combs. What are these products used for? Let's talk about them.

Normally, the roofing underlay at its eaves is generally exposed to the outside world. This exposure poses a number of problems, including the possible long term deterioration of the underlay, thus leading to its structural instability and a whole host of major issues. The solution to this problem is a relatively simple one: Prevent the underlay of the roofing at its eaves from being exposed to the harmful outside world. Our

Standard Eaves Protector

product does this exact job brilliantly well. As a result of their rigid and durable material, its underlay support trays prevent the build up of water, debris, and other harmful things in the rear of the roof's fascia board. It's a long term, cheap and high quality fix for a complex problem. 

Eaves Protector Sizing

Eaves Protector Underlay Support Trays: 1.5m in length x 25cm in width x 5cm in drop

Another major (and, potentially disastrous) problem is the possibility of birds and vermin entering the batten cavity underneath the profiled, concrete, and interconnecting tiles. If these creatures are allowed into that space, you will have the problem of a build up of debris and other problems. That is why we offer the Eaves Filler Comb, a simple but extremely effective way of preventing the aforementioned vermin and birds from getting into that space while at the same time allowing air to flow into the cavity. Like our eaves protector solution, this product is yet another easy to implement, inexpensive and durable fix for a major problem. 

Eaves Filler Comb Sizing

The filler comb is available in the following dimensions: 1m in length 

Eaves Filler Comb Installation 

Installing this filler comb is a simple and fast procedure. Firstly, you will position the comb directly over the underlay support tray that rests directly above your fascia board. After rotating the product so that its combs are facing outward, fix it into the top of the fascia board via the slots we have provided by using the corrosion-resistant nails throughout the entire length of the eaves. If you have installed a fascia vent, then you will also need to fix the filler comb through the fascia vent and into the fascia board.

Customer Service

We treat all of our customers with the quality of service that they deserve and expect from our company. We are also happy to provide any technical support you may need as well as assist you in ordering any of our high quality guttering products.