Extruded Acrylic Sheet

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extruded acrylic sheet

products are produced with a different manufacturing method than our cast acrylic sheets. In essence, these extruded acrylic sheets are produced by constantly pushing acrylic material and mass through a specific form while a chemical process occurs. The resulting product is robust, durable, and easily modified to best suit any project. In general,

extruded acrylic sheet

products are easier to flame polish, less expensive, and more likely to have a constant level of thickness after the production process. What does all of this technical stuff mean? It means that you are going to receive an excellent product which is versatile and durable while remaining very cost effective. 

These extruded acrylic sheets are absolutely fantastic for outdoor environs and weather conditions. Many of our clients

use these extruded acrylic sheets

to create beautiful display pieces which are more or less impervious to physical and chemical damage, though they have also been used for many other situations and projects. Finally, we are happy to press, mould, cut, or drill these sheets to your exact,

precise specifications

- please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department if you require specific dimensions or other sizing services. We are happy to help!