Fascia Boards


Our premium fascia boards are among the finest

UPVC fascia boards

in the United Kingdom. Our boards are available in five metre lengths and feature a variety of distinctive colours, effects, and styles. These

UPVC fascias

are available in a large range of thickness measurements starting at 9mm and extending up to 22mm. They are also available in various widths between 100mm and 600mm. All of our

high quality fascia boards

come with our fifteen year guarantee and 24 hour customer support provided by our

excellent customer service

department. We also offer a great selection of accessories and ancillary products to make your

fascia board

project go as smoothly as possible.

Fascia Board Sizes


Depending on the model you choose, our

fascia boards are available in a variety of different sizes

. Depending on your project needs, you have a choice of thickness from 9mm to 22mm and widths between 100mm and 600mm, thereby giving you a wide range of versatility and options from which to choose. 

Fascia Board Colours

Along with our premium

white fascia boards

, we also offer a multitude of finishes and styles, including elegant black ash, light oak, mahogany, and rosewood styles. These beautiful finishes ensure that your

fascia boards will perfectly match the existing design of your project

, and we


that you love the aesthetic touch they add. 

Types and Variations of Fascia Boards

Our line of

fascia boards come in a number of variations

. We offer capping boards for capping existing timber fascia boards, replacement boards for replacing timber fascia boards, square boards, and

flat replacement boards

. Whatever your project, we are sure to have a

fascia board that helps you accomplish it. 

How can I use these fascia boards?

You can use our fascia boards for a number of different projects. Firstly, our capping models allow you to cover existing timber

fascia boards

that are in danger of rotting. These capping boards allow you to implement a cost effective solution with less labour involved. However, timber boards which have rotted will need to be replaced; that is why we offer our replacement fascia boards. 

Fascia Board Ancillary Products 

We have a variety of essential ancillary products in addition to our

primary fascia board products

. Ancillary products to our fascia line for sale include: 


Fascia board corner joints

* Straight joints
* Gable end joints
* A wide variety of fixing pins, including 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm poly pins
* And adhesives 


Fascia Board Installation

The installation process will depend on the project. However, it is important to keep these installation tips in mind:

* Ensure you have all your required materials and protective equipment available 
* Make sure to have all the required poly pins and in the proper sizes for the board you are installing
* Make sure you have your adhesives close by


We offer

rapid delivery

to most areas of the United Kingdom. Please call our sales department in order to check on the delivery times for your specific area. If you would prefer, we also allow our UPVC fascia boards and accessories to be picked up from our trade counter, and we have them all in stock. If you require any assistance, please contact our sales or customer services department.