Glazing Bars & Polycarbonate Accessories



polycarbonate glazing bars

and accessories are the best in their class. As one of the most durable plastics in the world that can also be easily thermoformed, polycarbonate is the ideal material for use in

construction and building supplies

. Often times, you will see it in use in conservatories, greenhouses, and extensions, though it can be used practically anywhere. 

Each of our

conservatory glazing bars

and fixing screws are supremely durable, high quality, and practical in every way. We also offer a variety of useful accessories that are sure to make your next installation simple and pain free. Take a moment to browse our excellent

glazing bar

product offerings and accessories - we guarantee that you will find the perfect solution to your design challenge. 


A variety of sizes of our snap-down polycarbonate glazing bars are available for purchase. We have listed them here:

* 2.5 metre
* 3.0 metre
* 4.0 metre 
* 5.0 metre
* 6.0 metre 


We offer the following colours for glazing bar products:

* Premium White
* Sleek Brown 

Included Accessories 

Our polycarbonate glazing bar products are engineered to be supported by timber based rafters. Each glazing bar comes complete with the following items:

* An aluminium base 
* A plastic cap with all necessary gaskets included 
* Plenty of essential screws
* And an end cap

What to Use it For


snap down glazing bars are designed to be used

with 10mm, 16mm, and 25mm polycarbonate sheets. One of our snap down bars is capable of accepting all three of these thicknesses. 

Associated Products

We offer a number of associated products with our premium polycarbonate glazing bars: 

* F Section End Profiles (Aluminium): Our aluminium F sections are designed to securely fit on the end-rafters of a roof, either down the side of the rafter or rotated and placed alongside a wall. These F sections are available in white and brown. 
* Polycarbonate Sheet Closures (PVC): Our PVC sheet closures keep debris and pests out while flushing material from the sheets into the gutter system. These sheet closures are available in white and brown. 
* Polycarbonate Fixing Buttons: Our

high quality polycarbonate fixing

buttons are engineered to secure the sheets in place when you are using wide sheets. These fixing buttons are available in white and brown and are suited for the three following thickness factors of polycarbonate: 10, 16, and 25 mm. 

Installation Overview

Firstly, fit the glazing bar to the building and place polycarbonate sheets inside. The lip of the glazing bar prevents the sheet contained inside from sliding or slipping, thereby ensuring the structural integrity and durability of the polycarbonate. Alternatively, you can use a fixing screw, which is particularly helpful when you are trying to fix long polycarbonate sheets. Simply drill a hole into the sheet and any timber material below, then slot the fixing screw into position in order to ensure that you can keep the glazing precisely where you need it.

Customer Service

As with all of our products and services, we strive to give all of our esteemed customers the best in quality assurance and customer support. If you have any questions at all about our polycarbonate grazing bars and accessories, please do not hesitate to contact our customers services department.