UPVC Guttering

Choosing the right

upvc guttering

for your home or commercial property is of the utmost importance. After all, the difference between good and bad gutters is the cost of replacing expensive structural components, and we all know that it is much less expensive to simply have good gutters in place to do the job of moving water and other debris off the roof. At Premium Plastics, we strive to provide our valued customers with the best

upvc guttering

systems in the industry along with our outstanding customer service. 

We offer a variety of upvc gutter systems, colours, and styles in order to give you the ability to pick the perfect gutters for your property. Upvc gutters provide numerous advantages over more traditional metal based gutter systems. Not only are our upvc gutters lightweight, but they are also extremely durable and practically invulnerable to corrosion. On top of that, our gutters have some of the best flow rates on the market. Whether you are a hobbyist, roofer, or contractor, we are guaranteed to have a gutter system product that will serve you and the needs of your project well. 

Ogee Guttering


We would like to take a moment to introduce our best-selling gutter system: The Ogee system. Featuring the best flow rate capacity of all the gutter systems on the market, innovative water tight seals, and a unique clip system for rapid installation, the Ogee gutter system simply destroys the competition in every way. It can also be connected to existing round or square pipes and comes in white, black, or brown colour schemes. 

Round Guttering

Simplicity. That is what our round guttering systems are all about. They also feature a great flow rate, making them one of our most popular options. Our round gutters have lubricated seals, which makes them extremely trivial to install. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of ancillary and associated products with our round gutter systems, including a large number of fittings. To top it off, our round guttering systems are able to be connected to any existing metal or plastic installations. 

Square Guttering 

Like our round gutter systems, our PVC square guttering products are trivial to install, though they do have a slightly decreased flow rate due to their design. Nevertheless, they are a very popular option among our customers, and all of its fittings are able to be connected to any extant down pipe systems using our high quality adaptors and premium ancillary products.

Customer Service

We sell some of the best gutter systems in the UK, hands down. And we back it up with our

customer services department

. If you would like to pick up one of our high quality gutter systems, you can pick them up along with any accessories from our trade counters. If you have any questions about our gutter systems or if you would like more information about installation procedures, technical specifications, or ordering options, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department. We look forward to working with you!