Light Oak Fascia


At Premium Plastics, we strive to offer our customers a fantastic selection of fascia boards and related products. Our

light oak fascia board

products are a great way of replacing or capping your already existing timber fascia boards. Our PVC light oak fascia boards offer many advantages over the more traditional timber materials, including more durability, easier maintenance, and extended longevity. We offer two variants of our

light oak fascia board

products: capping boards and replacement boards. 


light oak fascia capping boards

are a great way of quickly installing more durable and

longer lasting fascia boards

over your existing timber ones. These boards are 9mm thick, 5mt. in length, and they come in a variety of widths.

If your existing timber boards are rotten or otherwise damaged, then you will need to

use our light oak fascia replacement boards

to replace those boards. Since these are replacement boards, we offer them in sizes of 17mm thick by 5mt in length, with your choice of many different widths

As with all of our products, we are happy to provide you with any technical or ordering support you may need. We are also available to provide installation advice. We look forward to working with you!