Mirrored Acrylic Sheet

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If you are looking for a fantastic glass mirror substitute sheet product, then look no further than our

high quality mirrored acrylic sheets

. Our sheet products offer a number of important advantages over substitute and competing products; in particular, they are more advantageous in three key areas. Firstly, our mirrored acrylic sheets are lightweight - much more so than similar products. This light weight will help you tremendously when you go to install the sheets for your next project. Secondly, our

acrylic sheet products

are far more cost effective than similar materials, thus saving you money as well as time. Finally, our sheet products are extraordinarily durable, and significantly more so than glass and similar materials. In particular, these products are highly resistant to physical damage, specifically impact damage.

In general, our

customers use these mirrored acrylic sheets

in a number of industries, including the DIY and Signs industry. These sheets come in a thickness level of 3mm, and we happily provide a complimentary cutting service to enable you to size these sheets to the exact dimensions you require for your specific project. Furthermore, we can also offer thicker sheets upon request if your order size meets our minimum order size threshold.