Opal Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

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opal solid polycarbonate sheets

are a great solution if you are looking to build out a sturdy roof, skylight, glazing, or even a safety barrier or bus shelter. Our customers have used this product in a wide variety of applications not simply limited to the ones listed. Polycarbonate offers a number of advantages over other more traditional materials that have been used as roofing sheets. In particular, polycarbonate can be manipulated and modified to suit practically any design due to its ability to be easily thermoformed, heat bent, and and vacuum formed into the desired shape. 

Opal polycarbonate sheets look great and will stand the test of time in any project or capacity. We store these sheets in our inventory in their standard size of 3050 mm X 2050 mm, though we cannot ship these sizes via our standard courier. That's why we offer a

complimentary cutting service

on all of our opal solid polycarbonate sheet products; to take advantage of this service, simply input your desired cutting measurements before you place your order. Nevertheless, we can send the full sized panels via an independent courier. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us at 08455051840. We look forward to working with you!