PVC Architrave & Trims


If you want to convert a generic door into something truly grand, you may want to consider purchasing our high quality architraves for the project. The benefits to using

PVC for architrave

projects are many, and they look just as great as architraves made from more traditional materials. Among the many advantages of using PVC for this type of project is the durability and sturdiness of the material, thus preventing the trim from being damaged easily.

PVC architraves and trims

also do not require much maintenance or upkeep, and they are significantly less expensive than timber trims that have been traditionally used for the construction of architraves. The large number of dimensions and styles we offer also ensures that you are able to pick the perfect product for your project. 

In the past,


were a method which architects and builders used to add both an aesthetic flourish to exterior doors as well as provide safe performance for the doors and windows of the structure, and they served both an important aesthetic and functional architectural purpose. In the present, they are

primarily for decoration

, which means that you can focus purely on the aesthetic and design factors of adding an architrave. First and foremost, they provide a boost to the elegance and visual appeal of doorways, thus making them more attractive. Elegance, durability, and appeal - these are just a few adjectives which perfectly describe our PVC architrave and trims. Take a moment to browse our fantastic and wide selection - we guarantee you are bound to find something you will love. 


Our high quality PVC architrave and trim products are available in the following sizes: 

* 5mt by 40mm by 6mm 
* 5mt by 60mm by 6mm 
* 5mt by 90mm by 6mm 

* 12mm
* 19mm
* 20mm 
* 25mm


Our UPVC architrave products are available in both white and wood effect styles to perfectly match the existing design of your project. Our associated products and ancillaries are also offered in these colour schemes and finishes in order to have a consistent aesthetic quality across all of our products. 

Associated Products

We offer an assortment of ancillary products along with our main product line of architraves and trims. These associated products include: 

* Edge Fillets 
* D Moulds 
* PVC Flexi Angles
* PVC Angles
* Plastic Head Pins and Nails
* Rigid Angles

As you can see, UPVC products have a lot of advantages over the more traditional timber based products for a number of projects. If you are on the market to purchase PVC architraves and trims, why not browse our line of plastic guttering products? With PVC technology, you do not have to settle for less effective materials. 

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best PVC products and customer service in the industry. We are happy to help you with any technical questions you may have and to give you installation advice if you need it. We look forward to working together with you to help you complete your project on time and on budget. Give us a call today!