Rosewood Fascia


When our customers are looking to replace or cap their existing timber fascia boards with a stylish PVC alternative, we direct them to our excellent

rosewood fascia board

products and accessories. To best serve our customers, we provide two versions of these fantastic fascia boards: capping boards and replacement boards.

If you only want to cover up existing timber based fascia boards, then we recommend you go with our

rosewood fascia capping board products

. These boards will keep further damage from occurring to the timber boards beneath them while also adding a very elegant exterior style and finish to your structure. We offer them in standard sizing: 5mt (length) by 9mm (thickness) and your choice of widths, including 450, 350mm, 250mm, 225mm, 200mm, 175mm, and 150mm.

If, on the other hand, you want to completely replace your existing timber fascia boards, then you should

purchase our rosewood replacement fascia board products

. We offer them in standard sizing: 17mm (thickness) by 5mt (length) and your choice of widths: 400, 300mm, 250mm, 225mm, 200mm, 175mm, and 150mm. Of course, you only need to replace timber fascia boards if they show signs of damage or rotting, so please keep this in mind when you are choosing which product you want to purchase. 

We are happy to provide technical and ordering support on this product.