Rosewood Soffit



rosewood soffit board

products are some of the finest soffit boards on the market. Although fascia boards tend to be more visible from an external perspective, soffit boards are just as important, and they can also have an aesthetic impact on the visual appeal of your property in addition to their functional aspects. These h2>rosewood soffit boards look great and work fantastically as a result of their high quality PVC materials. PVC is a great choice for customers who are looking to add both a durable and visually appealing set of soffit boards to their property, as PVC is resistant to most forms of damage, does not corrode or erode, and can stand the test of time due to its longevity.


rosewood soffit boards

come in a standard size profile of 9 mm thickness and 5 m lengths, with your choice of width between 100 mm and 400 mm in 25 mm increments to best suit your project. As with all of our excellent products, we are more than happy to provide any technical, installation, or ordering support you may require.