Shiplap Cladding



Shiplap cladding

for exterior walls has traditionally been composed of cheap pine or wood timber. The problems with traditional wood based

shiplap cladding

are numerous: Firstly, they require a significant amount of maintenance. As timber based cladding ages, it quickly begins to look damaged, deteriorated, and tired. It also requires regular treatment in order to maintain it. Furthermore, it is difficult to find traditional

shiplap cladding

that blends in with the design of the existing structure. Naturally, these are major and expensive problems. But, how is one to solve these problems?

We introduce to you our modern,

UPVC based shiplap cladding

. UPVC cladding offers a huge number of advantages over traditional timber cladding. For one, it will not wear out like wood does, and it is far more resistant to the elements. In short, it will last longer, look nicer, and be much cheaper to install or replace. We offer a plethora of excellent finishes to match any style of house, building, or other structure, thus giving you superior aesthetics and protection in one outstanding product. Truly, our UPVC cladding products combine the best of all words with exceptional design, industrial grade durability, and a price point that cannot be matched by the more traditional options of exterior cladding. 

Shiplap Cladding Sizes

All of our shiplap external cladding comes in 5mt lengths and has a width of 150mm.

Shiplap Cladding Colours

Our set of elegant finishes are sure to enhance the appearance of any building exterior. We offer the following styles and finishes for our shiplap cladding products: 


Premium White

: Our premium white shiplap cladding looks great on any structure where you want to strike a balance between soft colours and refined elegance. 

* Rosewood: Our richly hued rosewood finish evokes a sense of rustic timber and the scent of forests. It will look absolutely stunning as your exterior cladding. 

* Light Oak: With a bright, warm texture and colour, our light oak finish is sure to suit any type of property or structure. 

* Mahogany: The deep, rich colours and textures of our mahogany finish looks brilliant on any exterior. 

* Black Ash: For those customers looking for a more modern and striking appearance, our Black Ash finish is the way to go. 

Associated Products

We provide a number of important accessories to our line of external cladding products. Here they are: 

* Starter Trims
* Jointing Trims 
* Corner Joints 
* Individual Joint Pieces 
* Shiplap Starter Batton Trims 
* Stainless Steel Pins
* And various soffits 

Customer Service and Support

As with all of our products, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service. We hope you take some time to have a leisurely browse through our extensive catalogue of UPVC shiplap cladding products and accessories. We look forward to providing you with superior products and services, and we guarantee your satisfaction.