Snap Down Exitex Glazing Bar System

Exitex Snap Down Rafter Supported Roofing System

Our Exitex snap down rafter supported rofing system is one complete solution roof, using timber rafters this system really does add to the strength and appeal to your Lean to, conservatory or whatever the structure. The snap down glazing bars can accomodate polycarbonate thicknesses of 10mm, 16mm and 25mm.

Available products:
  • Snap down glazing bar, available in lengths up to 6mt and in either white or brown, the snap down glazing bar is designed to sit on a 2" timber / metal rafter and is screwed into position, the bar comes with Aluminium base, uPVC top cap, all required gaskets and 1 x end cap, additional end caps can be purchased.
  • Glazing Bar Edge Trim, available in lengths up to 6mt and in either white or brown, designed to work with the above snap down bar to create the finish to the side of a lean to roof, the glazing bar is not included and must be purchased separately. Alternatively you can use the F Section to finish rather than the bar and aedge trim, this will save you time and a bit of change.
  • Aluminium F Section End Profile, available in lengths up to 6mt and in either white or brown, designed to be supported over the full length by a timber or metal rafter, this profile is to be used on the end of a conservatory roof either over the end of a timber rafter as shown in the product image or if your roof ends against a wall, flip the profile so the leg of the F is upside down up the wall while the groove of the F is sat on top of the timber / metal rafter, this will allow you to flash down from the brickwork onto the top of the roof. Be sure to order the correct thickness to suit your sheets.
  • Lean-to Flashing Trim, available in lengths 3mt or 6mt and in either white or brown, the lean to flashing trim is an ideal profile for the back wall and comes with all associated gaskets. Can be used of roofs with a pitch of 5 - 45 degree. Bridging caps are required when using in conjunction with the rafter supported glazing bars.
  • Sheet Closure / Drip Trim, Available in lengths of 2.1mt and all polycarbonate thicknesses. The closures are uPVC. This profile is designed to fit over the gutter end of the polycarbonate, ventilation (filter) tape must also be fitted prior to the sheet closure.
  • Fixing Buttons, Fixing buttons are available in thicknesses of 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm, if you are ordering 32mm sheets then please order the 35mm fixing buttons and create a 3mm hole in the rafters where the buttons will be fixed. The buttons come with the button itself, a washer, a cap and a screw to suit.  Available in white or brown.
  • Snap down glazing bar Bridging, This is the part required to connect your snap down rafter supported glazing bar to the Lean-To Flashing Trim. Available in white or brown.
  • Snap Down Glazing Bar additional End Cap, you will receive 1 end cap in every exitex snap down bar you purchase, if you require extra or replacement end caps you can purchase them here.
  • Polycarbonate Filter Tape, also known as Breather tape or Ventilation tape. This tape is supplied with all sheets purchased from us, if you think you need extra or if you need replacement tape here is where to purchase. This tape is to go on the end of the sheets at the gutter side and then the sheet closure is to cover this tape.
  • Aluminium Tape, To be used on the top edge of your Polycarbonate Sheet or down the side where you have open flutes on a triangle for example. This tape stops debris and small insects going in to the flutes of your Polycarbonate Sheet.