Soffit Board


The underside of any construction element is just as important as its outer layer; that's why this UPVC soffit board is the best possible option for any roofing project. UPVC technology is truly astounding: this UPVC soffit roofline will not rot, warp, bend or discolour, and it has excellent longevity. Furthermore, UPVC technology comes with an amazing number of benefits, including being cost effective, environmentally sustainable, extremely durable, and robust. This UPVC soffit board product is superior to its timber based counterparts in every way and requires far less maintenance and preventive work. We offer soffit boards in a variety of different styles and variants, depending on your needs. Our soffit boards are also availiable in a variety of different colours and finishes. Along with our premium boards, we also provide a number of high quality ancillaries and associated products that are essential for any construction project. As with all of our products, we sell our soffit boards and accessories with the same high quality guarantee and customer service you have come to expect from our company. 

Our soffit boards come in a number of different sizes including:

* 5mt length x 9mm thick 
* 300mm in 5 metre lengths (Hollow Soffit)
* Interlocking 300mm boards


A plethora of premium, lovely colours and finishes for our soffit boards are available, including:

* White
* Black Ash
* Light Oak
* Mahogany 
* Rosewood

Types and Variations

Our product line of soffit boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and variations. We offer stable and durable plain, patternless boards, pre vented boards, hollow boards, and groove effect variations for our black ash, light oak, mahogany, and rosewood finishes. Given these numerous options, you are sure to find one that goes perfectly for your project. 

What are Soffit Boards Used for?

A soffit serves as the underside of a construction element, particularly the surface underneath the exterior overhanging section of roof eaves. However, they can be used in many other types of construction projects, depending on the circumstances. 

Associated Ancillary Products 

Our products associated and generally used in conjunction with soffit boards include:

* Circular Soffit Vents 
* Various trims for soffit boards 
* Various Fly meshPoly pins
* 5m vent strips
* 5mtr straight joints
* J Trims

The Benefits of Quality Soffit Boards

Soffit boards must handle lots of atmospheric wear and tear, given they are exposed to the elements. That is why it is essential that you purchase high quality and durable materials for your soffit boards, like the ones we offer. UPVC soffit boards will save you much time and effort when it comes to maintenance, replacement, and pricing. 

Installation Overview

There are a variety of different installation procedures for soffit boards. The one you choose will depend on the project at hand. However, here are some key tips to keep in mind before getting started:

* Use the proper equipment for the project
* Inspect the area for possible asbestos
* Push back the lower rows of tiles (if applicable) 
* Inspect the rafters and replace any rotten timbers (if applicable)
* Make sure that ventilation is sufficient

Volume Available 


soffit boards are sold to the volume required by the customer. 

Delivery Options

Our soffit boards are sold with our high quality service guarantee and delivery options.