Triplewall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

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Our high quality

triplewall polycarbonate roofing sheet

products provide the absolute best in roofing sheet design for Conservatories and other similar kinds of structures. You can

use our polycarbonate roofing sheets

to create roofs and walls on Conservatories, and they can be effectively used in any number of different projects and structures. The great thing about our polycarbonate roofing sheets is that they are far thicker and stronger than traditional polymer sheets while also being far more convenient than glass products. The strength and durability of our

triplewall polycarbonate

enables it to withstand even the most severe elements while remaining impervious to damage. 



triplewall polycarbonate products are available

in the following sizes as listed below. 

We offer this product in the

following lengths

* 2000mm
* 2500mm
* 3000mm
* 3500mm
* 4000mm
* 5000mm
* 6000mm
* 7000mm

We offer this product in the following widths: 

* 700mm
* 800mm
* 900mm
* 1050mm
* 1600mm
* 2100mm


We offer three vibrant colours for our triplewall polycarbonate roofing sheets:

* Majestic Bronze: Give your Conservatory a nice visual flourish with our sleek and warm bronze coloured triplewall roofing sheets.
* Pristine Clear: Looking for something more simple and classy? Try our clear roofing sheets. 
* Elegant Opal: Our opal coloured sheets are sure to give your project a striking and elegant style. 

Why choose polycarbonate technology for your triplewall roofing sheets?

As we mentioned above, polycarbonate technology provides a huge number of benefits over the more traditional roofing sheet materials of synthetic polymers and glass. First of all, they are significantly more durable and capable of withstanding bad conditions. But they do not sacrifice flexibility for all their strength and structural integrity. No matter what the conditions or circumstances, whether there are strong winds or projectile debris flying about, our triplewall polycarbonate roofing sheets are guaranteed to hold up and take on the elements. 

Another reason you might want to go with polycarbonate roofing sheets for, say, your next greenhouse project is this: Polymer sheets are not completely translucent, thus not allowing the maximum amount of possible light to enter the greenhouse or other structure. Another major problem with polymer roofing sheets when using them for structures that must allow light in is that they are also far less durable than their polycarbonate counterparts. In other words, there truly is no reason to not use polycarbonate roofing sheets when designing a greenhouse, as they provide both the extra durability that is required as well as the translucency necessary for a functioning greenhouse. 

Customer Service

As with all of our products, it is our duty to give you the best customer service in the industry. We provide a free cutting service for our polycarbonate roofing sheets, and all you have to do to sign up for it is to give our customer services staff a call at 0333 121 1216. And, please do not hesitate to give us a call if you require any kind of technical support or installation instructions for any of our roofing products or external cladding panels. Don't be shy - we are here to help, and if there is anything that we can do to further your excellent experience with our company, please let us know.