Twinwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

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If you are looking to design and build an outdoor project that will require strong, durable materials that are translucent enough to allow in natural light, then we suggest you have a look at our premium

twinwall polycarbonate roofing sheet

products and accessories. Our twin wall roofing sheets are the lowest density polycarbonate sheets that we offer. Our triplewall roofing sheets are naturally stronger, but they are also more expensive. Nevertheless, our

polycarbonate twinwall products

are extremely sturdy, even compared to our triplewall products, while being less expensive and more cost effective. 

There are, however, some situations in which you should opt for one of our triplewall products. If you are planning to install a single large polycarbonate panel, then we strongly advise that you purchase a triple wall product, as this will be much more suited to that sort of project since it will not snap under its own weight while sitting on top of your greenhouse or other structure. The problem, you see, is that while polycarbonate may be a very lightweight material, if a polycarbonate panel is mounted horizontally that is too large to support its own weight, then you will run into problems. The problem is that the panel may begin to bow at its centre, thus allowing rain water and debris to collect at the centre. With all of this excess weight, the panel may collapse. 

Therefore, if you are unsure of whether or not you need a


or triple wall polycarbonate sheet product, we advise that you choose a triple wall product. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department if you have any questions about this important topic. 



twinwall polycarbonate panels come in the following lengths


* 2000 mm
* 2500 mm
* 3000 mm
* 3500 mm
* 4000 mm
* 4500 mm
* 5000 mm
* 6000 mm
* And 7000 mm


twinwall polycarbonate panels come in the following widths


The 4 mm version of our polycarbonate roofing sheets are also available in similar standard sizes. 


Twinwall polycarbonate panels are available in three colours: bronze, clear, and opal. We also offer a clear 4mm Twin Wall Greenhouse Polycarbonate roofing sheet designed and styled specifically for your greenhouse projects. 

Associated Products

The main product that we associate with our twin wall roofing sheets is our triple wall roofing sheet product. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which level of thickness and durability you require for your project. We are, of course, here to help you with that decision, but as we said before we generally recommend that you purchase a triple wall roofing sheet if you are planning to use one large panel, as this will prevent damage from occurring due to the elements, debris, and other harmful possibilities. 

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service to all of our valued customers is an essential component of our business. We are here to help, and if you have any questions at all about customisation options, ordering, shipping, installation procedures, or any technical questions about the product whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department.

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