White Soffit Board


Soffit boards are a solution for protecting the underside of construction elements, and our white soffit boards bring a classic take to our PVC

white soffit board

product line. Our

white soffit board

products give you the best of both worlds: a great, classic white visual appearance along with the durability, strength, and longevity of our high quality PVC materials. After all, a soffit board serves two major purposes: to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and to protect the sensitive and fragile construction elements beneath them. 

To best serve our valued customers,

we offer three versions of our white soffit boards

along with a number of useful ancillary products. These three versions are solid soffit boards, vented soffit boards, and hollowed soffit boards. Our white solid soffit boards come in a standard size profile of 9 mm thickness, 5 mt length, and your choice of width between 100 mm and 605 mm. Which one you should choose will depend upon the type of project you are attempting to accomplish. If you need any assistance choosing a specific soffit board, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also available to provide you with technical, installation, and ordering support.